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That little glimmer of light

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Nearly everyone has been in some way, shape or form been effected by Cancer.
It’s awful, it’s devastating, it’s tragic…end of story!
Cancer is Tragic and we all hate it…I’m a funeral celebrant and I do many funerals a week and lots nowadays are the final tragic events of what cancer does, this bastard disease kills people, but through all the pain that is cause, through all the tears that cancer brings, through all that we can see there’s a tiny, shimmering light, not research, but people, the people that involve themselves so heavily in helping, in fundraising and in making sure that through this crushing disease that people are that shimmering light that we call HOPE, hope that one day, just one bloody day there may be a cure!
There was evidence of that hope on Saturday night at The Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre for the Cancer Council’s annual event ‘Stars of Shoalhaven Nowra – Dance for Cancer’ and WOW, what an event to MC and be a part of.
The fact that people were able to tell their own very personal stories of their experience with cancer was incredibly humbling to be apart of and for many that were in the audience, it ripped at the very heart of all present, tears flowed from many there with Dayle Latham’s wonderful and loving recall of her father, others chose to send a personal message of love to those in the audience watching, it was a truly humbling experience and this event really brought home that we need to find a cure and continue to have hope that we will one day get there.

Congratulations to firstly all the ‘stars’;
Dominica Chia – she elegantly started the night with a slow dance that mesmerized many and that red number WHOA!
Julie Gauci – this performance was jaw dropping and the story of light after darkness was also a great message.
Dayle Latham – WHOA mamma, Dayle and Steph tore up the stage.
Sam Blacker – Sam decided on a sexy kinda salsa to have a better opportunity with ‘the ladies’
Tony Horne – Just hilarious, funniest performance of the night, kept on his toes by Eliza.
Steven Johnson – Stuck to the cop theme with a Blues Brothers tribute
Lynn Locke – Torn it up with Fatboy Slims, Rockafella Skank, she said ‘What’s a Fat Boy Slim’
Amanda Findley – Had a the crowd going with a sexy Spanish dance!
Craig Murphy – literally walked around the cemetery with a tribute to MJ’s Thriller – Judges’s Choice too!!
James Morris – He was sexy and he knew it! Great fun way to end the night!

Well done to all the dance teachers too, Miss Tanya, Miss Amy, Miss Rachael, Miss Stephy and Miss Savannah from Your Talent Team, Tanika Joines of Studio 19, Eliza Bartlett of Shoalhaven Cheer Academy, Stuart Christmas and John Bailey of the Ex Servicemens Dance Club and Max Whelan all had their work cut out for them teaching the Stars the moves.

Such a wonderful night was also a fundraiser and congratulations to all as there was over $40,000 raised for the event, with every single penny staying with the Shoalhaven for The Cancer Council, just a brilliant event…..oh and look out, they teachers could come knocking for YOU in 2018!

Here’s some of the snaps of the night!

05 Jun, 17

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