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The Love of Mr and Mrs X

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So much goes into your wedding day right?
Finding that awesome venue, location is everything!
Finding a great menu, keeping the guests happy…check!
Finding a great planner – if you need one!
Grabbing ME and making sure the wedding is SWEEEEEET!

That’s exactly what Kate and Jamie did for their wedding and to be honest, Kate scared the shit outta me at first, she had NOTES, the big ticket items she wanted, she was serious and needed to know I was the right man for the job, she was right is booking me. After the initial moments where I thought ‘Dear God, this girl is going to tear me apart’, we have become mates along the way.
Jamie is really chilled, but he’s quiet, reserved and a bloody great bloke, I’d never spoken to jamie and was early for my first appointment, but it was really easy to chat with him, so we mainly joked about Kate…..hahahaha! Kidding Kate if you read this, cause you still scare me!
I love that, not knowing the couples when we first meet, to getting to knowing them that we can now catch up for a coffee, or head to the pub to watch Jamie’s beloved Liverpool FC on the big screen, these guys are top notch people, good eggs so to speak.

Kate was organised, everything prepared for her big day at the magnificent Bendooley Estate, Jamie too was ready (apart from getting me his vows the week of the wedding) and then the phone call all celebrants dread – “Ummmmm Adam, Kate has lost her voice and Jamie is not well either”!

Luckily for everyone, Kate was able to gently whisper her vows as I turned up the microphone and Jamie was a little better with the help of drugs.

It was a beautiful day for a brilliant couple and I can’t wait to catch up with them again!

Here’s a snippet of “their story”

We can blame today on TINDER! Yay, finally, my first Tinder marriage.
Jamie insists that Kate swiped right first, it was actually the week of her birthday and she was going out with some friends to celebrate and Jamie remembered telling her if she was stuck for a lift that he would be happy to pick her up….smooth talker!
Looking back though, he now knows it was probably not the wisest of moves offering to pick someone up on a night they intend to drink a lot and only knowing that person for only a few days.

Every relationship has some good and bad, they’re not all perfect 100% of the time!
Firstly Kate on Jamie;
The Good – genuine, funny, honest, shy but quietly confident behind closed doors
Now for The Bad – moody, impatient, hot headed at times, huge stresser, imagine him about 40 mins ago – freaking out!!

Now Jamie on Kate;
The good – she is like my rock, I was going through some dark times just before meeting Kate and she helped me get past all that. She will do everything she can to help, without her I’d be so lost at times. I know I can get through anything and she will be there…Awwwwwwww!
The bad – where do I start! She is a neat freak, I can’t leave anything out as it will end up in the bin or in the “out of sight out of mind” draw. I’ll put something on the bench so I can file it away and I’ll turn around and it’s gone. Also she is like a bull out of a gate, if she gets an idea, she wants it done ASAP no research or thinking about it, just wants it done.

Congratulations Kate and Jamie #mrandmrsx have an amazing life together and can’t wait until Man U play Liverpool!


07 Jun, 17

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