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Much love for Jezza and Karena

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It’s quite an honour to marry a couple, but when it’s for a friend, you just know it’s ‘gunna be great fun’. So, when I heard from an old mate of mine Jeremy Sutton, I knew I’d have a good time. Jezza is a builder, a bloody good one, but he’s chilled…so chilled you could mistake him for sleeping walking.
Months ago, I copped that familiar “DING” from a Facebook message, it read ‘hope things are well, hey champ, is it true you’re now a wedding celebrant? Jezza’. My response was simply ‘yeah mate’, it took one meeting with he and his gorgeous finance Karena for them to book me and start planning their big day.
And oh what a big day it turned out to be, not quite as big as the LOVE sign that he built for the ceremony, but it was a biggen!!
Karena has their daughter Indiana Rose – almost 2 at home with her, Karena’s a great communicator…he’s not, she’s got wonderful creative flair…he doesn’t, she’s great with words…he’s certainly not! This wedding was going to be fun!!

With many couples, I set a few challenges, 1. coming up with a song for guests during the signing – so their not just thinking about the beer at the reception. 2. Writing their own vows – if they really want too. 3. Just exactly how they’d like their big day to go.
This was gunna be a tough one! Jezza was terrible with making a decision about his big day, he had the vision in his head – much like all good bidders, but he wasn’t sharing a bunch with me!
Even his vows took a while to get out of him.
Karena on the other hand, albeit a wonderful procrastinator still got the job done, with invites, music and ‘finally’ vows….as they both said, ‘good things take time’.

Let me share with you their vows, they were pretty special.

Firstly Jezza’s……

I love you, with everything I have .
Today I am so proud to call you my wife.
From this day forward I promise to be worth it, Worth the time. Worth the trip.
Worth the energy. Worth the embarrassment. Worth your love.
I promise that you will always count. You will always come first, and of course, if you don’t for whatever reason, I will buy you some shoes , or just simply take you on another holiday .
I also promise the next house we build we can live in it longer then twelve months.
From the moment you entered my world, you have filled it with life, little Indy has come along and we have never looked back.
I look forward to the rest of our family adventures and triathlon racers together.
You are my soul mate, my best friend, my drinking buddy, my training partner.
I’m the luckiest guy in the world

And this from Karena……..
Jeremy, Love at first sight wasn’t something I really believed in until i looked into your smiling eyes in a cafe four years ago. I fell in love with your heart, your smile, your positivity and passion for life, your qualities and your quirks.
I adore the love that you have for your family and the love that you so quickly and freely gave to mine.
I can’t thank you enough for walking into my life and showing me what it feels like to be truly loved. You have given my your encouragement, your understanding, your friendship and the greatest gift of my life, our beautiful Indiana.
I am happier than I ever imagined possible because of you. I love you. I love ‘us’ and the way our lives have intertwined so beautifully. While neither of us can be perfect, there are countless ways in which we are perfect for each other.
So today as I give you my hand to hold I give you my heart to keep.
I promise to stand by you in every stage of life. When things are good or bad, when we are laughing or crying, when surrounded by family and friends or when it is just you and me.
I promise to love you with actions and not just words. To hug you ‘just because’. To make you cups of tea in the mornings and to always give you the biggest slice.
I promise to respect your own interests, your own needs and your desire to do silly things like an ironman without training. Regardless, I will be your greatest encouragement and your biggest fan.
I promise to always appreciate you, to praise you, to accept your compliments and only use sarcasm when necessary.
I promise to stay young at heart, to have fun, to make you smile, to laugh with you and only occasionally at you, to lovingly annoy you and to always be the missing bite out of your peanut butter toast.
I promise to communicate openly and honestly and I will always listen even when we are old and can’t hear very well.
I promise to continue to strengthen ‘us’, our home and our family. To be the greatest mother I can be to Indiana and to love you for all that you are, all that you have been and all that you’re yet to become.
Jeremy, I will love you as long as the stars are above you…and even longer if I can.

Then their was THAT love sign, it was almost the elephant in the room – if it could fit – the letters were eight foot high and the thing was AWESOME!

The whole wedding had such a chilled vibe, on the River at Terara Riverside Gardens was just spectacular. Neil – the owner – pulled out backyard cricket, croquet, a huge Jenga game and so much more that kept everyone thrilled whilst Jeremy and Karena were off taking happy snaps!
The afternoon threatened with rain, but blew over with me saying ‘we’ll be right it’ll blow over’, but thinking ‘oh crap, we are getting so freakin wet’, thankfully we carried on with the ceremony with only one or two gorgeous interruptions from Indiana Rose screaming for ‘mummy, daddy’.

Jeremy and Karena are a great couple and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!
Check out some more of the pics from their big day.
Photographer: Lean and Meadow
Celebrant: Just some Random called Adam Hahahahahaha
05 Jan, 16

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