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The REAL funeral celebration

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Everyday I’m asked the question and it’s a simple one, ‘Can we truly celebrate their life please?’
The response is even easier….’of course we can’, but many people are unsure of how to truly celebrate someone’s life!

Funerals have changed from back in the day when you sat in silence and just cried listening to people recall the stories and tales of someones life.

The REAL celebration often comes from those ‘sharing’ their memories! I’m happy to give a short biography of their life, but we know that, we know where they were born, what they did for a crust, and where they had adventures in life, so for family, it comes down to the real basics of beautiful memories.

The memories families have should a prized and cherished portions of life that SHOULD also be shared, the lighter side and the personal, the funny, the annoying and sometimes the bad parts that you can laugh at and kind of enjoy after they’ve gone. Remembering that a funeral isn’t a “roast”, but we can enjoy the lighter side of a persons life…even if they were a grumpy so and so!

You see a funeral should be just that, an enjoyable experience of celebrating the good that people bring to our lives, yes a funeral is a sad occasion, but that doesn’t mean we should all sit there in stunned silence listening to people tell the SAME stories over and over.

Life is there to be lived and many of our loved ones have done that….lived a FULL life, so….let’s share those times, share the fun, the experiences and the joys of what our loved ones have brought us, that way a funeral wont be morbid or downbeat or solemn, it will truly be a wonderfully uplifting CELEBRATION of the good in the people we love and will NEVER forget!

Also remember that through music you can be expressive, what did THEY like, if it’s AC/DC, so be it, Vera Lynn, Oasis or even The Gambler by Kenny? The choices you make in music can also set the tone of how the funeral service will go, the more celebratory music, the more of a celebration mourners will have and importantly take away from the service and hopefully an experience that allows others to open up and tell their fondest memories of your loved one.

So celebrate! Oh and here’s a tip!
Make the funeral service very, very personal, bring memorabilia of their life…hats, fishing rods, bird cages or even allow their favourite dog to come and sit in the chapel too. A personal funeral service is one that will be cherished forever, just like those we’ve loved…..and lost!

19 Jun, 17

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