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#StraneysVirtualCoffee – TJ Productions

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This week I head back to the wedding industry and one of the busiest fellas I know in Trevor Long owner of TJ Productions. They provide DJ’s, MC’s and all forms of production for your big day.
I discover a bit more about what makes TJ Productions tic!

How Did you Get into Your Business?
In my teen years I was a singer and rock performer, Getting married and Starting a family became a priority and things changed. A Last Minute cancellation from a Wedding DJ at the Club I worked at was my first opportunity. I was asked with only hours to prepare to perform at a wedding as MC and DJ – I got the forms and did the best I could. It was OK I suppose as they offered me an ongoing gig as a mobile DJ… I went out that week, setup a business name, borrowed some gear and started building my craft. Taking my experience from stage work I used this to build what I have today.. 10 years on, I’m booked every weekend (virtually) and now perform an array of different types of gigs.

Why did you think it was such a good idea?
After chatting with the event co-ordinator at the club I realised that what they wanted to achieve was a higher standard of event. This quality of service could not be replicated by the choices they had for MC/DJ’s in the area. I worked closely with them to lift that standard and learned a lot in the process. The gap was service Quality and we aimed to fill that gap.

How many Staff do you have?
We started out with one (Just me), Over time the demand became higher. We employed some MC/DJ Contractors and trained them how we required. We currently have 4 Staff, A booking manager and 3 professional MC/DJ’s

What are you major Challenges?
Balance! – Finding that sweet spot between quality of service and price. And not biting off more than you can chew. I am very conscious of not turning into one of those “churn and burn” DJ hire companies where event volume (numbers) is key to success. I would rather take it slower and give great quality service than have that suffer for overwhelming event bookings.

Who Inspires You?
My Friends and family mostly. They keep pushing me to be better everyday. Someone once told me that Knowledge is no burden to carry, learn something new everyday. That is my daily goal.

Tell me about the best opportunity and what happened?
A few years ago we were approached by a charity organisation that helps the homeless to assist with a wedding for a homeless couple that simply didn’t have the means to pay for a wedding. Love was the opportunity and we NEEDED to help. It was love for all people that drove us to provide this couple with the wedding reception of their dreams. We joined forces with a bunch of wonderful people to bring it all together and helped make lasting memories for a couple that seemingly couldn’t “afford” to make this dream a reality. The reality was…. It did become a reality and we were thrilled to be apart of it. The best opportunities need not be those that drive profit. But those that promote a passion for others.

Finally…whatdya drinkin?
Double Shot cap no sugar.

I know he’s flat out but hit Trevor up for a booking!

06 Sep, 17

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