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Wednesday Super Tip – Brides Stress Less

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So todays #WednesdaySuperTip is a simple one, it’s about the anxiety that is falsely created around weddings.

Brides – Don’t Stress, how will you enjoy the lead up process and the day itself if you’re freakin out about everything??

The Budget
Sure, the budget is a biggie, buy stop keeping up with the Joneses! Simple is often best. I love nothing more than a sweet intimate ceremony that will be memorable rather than a HUGE cost to yourselves that becomes the greatest “piss up” your friends have ever seen – will they remember it? Hell NO! They got wasted – ON YOU!

The Weather
Seriously, the weather is what it is….but do me a favour…NEVER speak of the weather to me, you’re only bringing yourself awful luck and stressing over something that CANNOT be prevented..but do have a wet weather back up, just in case!

The Family
Holy Crap, sometimes the family will stress you out! here’s a great tip, give each of them a small task, this way they feel as though they are contributing to your day, whilst at the same time….STAYING THE HELL OUT OF IT!

The Groom
Seriously, get the boys to do more! It’s not just the brides day…I’m MARRYING a “couple”, to me the day is as much about the groom as the bride. Talk to him about what he wants, sure, if he grunts and says ‘I dunno’ brush him, but he can’t bitch about it afterwards and that ultimately is what your MARRIAGE is all about, the teamwork you guys will create after all is said and done, after the warmth and glow of the day, after you’ve checked the envelopes of cash left in the wishing well…’s just YOU TWO!

So brides, do us all a huge favour and STRESS LESS, if the day is becoming stressful, talk to the people you value in your day, ME – the celebrant, The Photographer, the planner, the venue and have good conversations about what YOU BOTH really want!

The biggest tip – Enjoy the day!!

30 Aug, 17

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