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#WEDnesdaySuperTips – Photographers

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YAYYYYYY #Congratulations

You’re getting married, we noticed! You smashed us all, everyone you know on Facey, Insta, we get the “picture”, now YOU need to get the pictures….literally! WOW! These are all really bad dad jokes, my kids will be stoked!

Today’s Super Tip is about getting the best out of photographers and even THE BEST photographers.

Look, good anything is gunna cost a bomb, and the really, really good photographers will cost a mortgage…hahahaha only joking guys, but it’s kinda what part of the days about right? The memories of the day!

You really should be stalking your recently married friends pic on Facey, importantly see WHO take the snaps. Most photographers these days will watermark their shots for future branding so check out the snaps and what you like in weddings pics and discuss that with your photographer!



Every couple has ‘a look’ that they kinda want, country, rustic, fun, nobody says to the photographer ‘hey mate, take the shittiest pictures of us please’. You don’t need to give these pros a run down of what you want, just have the conversation about what you think is best about that location and better still what else is close for a cool look, but that’s their job…photographers will have done the background on locations, they are like little army dudes that do recon about venues, locations and possible shot locations away from a venue, so the big tip….TRUST WHAT THEY DO!



Not too many photographers offer an engagement shoot as part of the package, but seriously chat to them about it and better still have a few shots around the venue, it’ll give everyone a test drive of the site! These pics are also cool to use as invite covers and even have at the wedding reception.





I ALWAYS do this with clients, because I think about what your photographer will need in terms of light. People from that October Long weekend until March always say, ‘we need 3pm’ WHY??? The sun is in mid bloody air! Think about the light and better still about the reception timing, if you have a wedding at 3pm, finished by 3:30, onto reception by 4:30 after 4 hours the sun has barely gone down!!!
Have that conversation with both myself as celebrant and the photographer…we kinda do this…A LOT!

Also, ask venues for previous wedding pictures and ask about the timing of weddings for those pictures.

The more fun you are having, the better the shots the photographer will get….TRUST ME! You go into that day without something zany or quirky, what makes your pics different from the last girlfriends you saw??
Wedding photographers are creative so listen to what they have to say!






I start every ceremony with ‘Put ya phones away!’ The ceremony pics are THE MOST IMPORTANT.
You’ll NEVER catch me standing in the middle of a couple during those important moments….NEVER, these times are for YOU, not with some third wheel with a massive head the size of a horse in every pic! There’s no value in that! I’ll stand to the side and even allow the important people in your lives hold the microphone as you read your vows to one another. Have options for bridesmaids, ask grandma or nan…these make great snaps!

Celebrants and photographers actually like working together, so give the celebrant a quick list for straight after the ceremony, I do this, it takes the pressure off the photographers and allows them to focus on what they do, TAKE GREAT PICS!
I’ll announce group shot and some family shots then tell everyone to scram for a quick brew at the reception!

I don’t know, these photographers are generally up BEFORE you and will hit the pillow LONG AFTER you have, so they’ll get HANGRY, feed them at the reception and they’ll be stoked, it’s kinda not that hard to look after them!

Photographers and MC’s SHOULD be fed at the same time as the bridal party, otherwise they are trying to smash their food down like prisoners just before speeches or they can be thinking about staff not touching that beautiful meal.




Here’s some photographers I know, click the link and call em! 
Morris Images
Cloudface Photography
Gracie of Curly Willow
Matthew Child
Phil Harris
Emma Bennett
Jon Harris
Monica of Kiss My Flash  and there’s just sooooo many more, ya can’t fit everyone in!

Photographers, how did I go with these tips?

05 Sep, 17

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