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You want me to do WHAT?!

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enhanced-buzz-9307-1375283008-17So wedding season 2015/16 is certainly upon us and like so many other excited peeps, you’re probably attending a wedding this weekend! I think I just used the word ‘peeps’, I’m so ashamed at my attempt at cool.

It is the season for excitement, for friends, for wining and dining, for laughter, for giving a speech…….wait what?

Oh yeah, that’s right as part of the bridal party, you might’ve been asked to give a toast or speech.

It’s OK, suck in the big ones and just relax….that’s what I’m hear for. As a celebrant and a wedding MC, I’ve seen it all. From the amazing to the just plain crap! Now, how do we avoid the later?

Simple, I understand you are dreading that moment if you are a father, a maid of honour a best men or just perhaps a friend: The toast.

What do I say? How to I say it? How long am I holding this bloody microphone?


Here are the steps to give you a hassle free and an applauded wedding speech.

Step 1. The Emotion.

Tell the bride and groom how you feel. Honoured? Delighted? Surprised?

And why do you feel this way?

Then, time for a spot of fun. How and when did you meet the bride and groom and throw in something quirky about the relationship. If you’re naturally witty, this will come easy, if you’re not, go with your gut and make it heartfelt.

Plan your story, think about how you want not just the bride and groom, but everyone in the room and how you want them to feel.

Step 2. The Good Gear – Brownie Points!

A great wedding toast explains how the bride and groom complement each other. Both before they met and of course after they met, which will lead you to the big day.

Step 3. You’re Almost There, this is the home stretch!

Finally, a great speech always ends with a toast. Ask the guests to raise their glasses and I always like the toast of ‘to health, wealth and happiness’.

Use this formula and you’ll have the perfect wedding toast in no time.


Don’t want any embarrassing moments. That’s what they’ll remember….for all the wrong reasons!

Just a few final “Dos”…

  • Do make eye contact with the bride and groom as well as wedding guests
  • Do practice
  • Do KISS (Keep It Short and Sweet); I’d recommend 5 minutes tops!
  • Do stay classy

And “Don’ts”…

  • Don’t bring up past relationships!!!!
  • Don’t swear!!!!!!
  • Don’t use inappropriate jokes or stories!!!!
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol!!!!!

I trust it will all go well from here, enjoy the wedding and importantly, enjoy your toast!

25 Sep, 15

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