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A personal funeral service should be filled with love and joy for those we’ve lost! I’ll create that when a loved one passes, speak to the funeral director first and tell them you want me!

Namings – $500

A naming ceremony is always fun, I have four kids, so understanding families is easy, understanding the pressures of that naming day…I’m all over that!

I’ll take the pressure off and I’ll include everyone…yep everyone that we can! 


Sweeeeet! May the 4th! BEST DATE EVER! Usually book out well in advance for May the 4th, but other themed wedding are awesome, so get creative, think Madonna 80’s, Arya and Khal (Game of Thrones reference) Superman and his hot babe Lois, the possibilities are endless with a themed wedding.


You’ve been married a while and still feel the same way about one another as the day you were married? Why not go for a renewals of vows?