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Other Ceremonies

Funerals – having worked in a funeral home, Adam will create a sympathetic service for your loved one. A farewell should be beautiful, wonderful and fitting for your loved one AND those left behind.

Namings – A naming ceremony is the event at where an infant, a youth, or even an adult is given a name or names. The timing can vary from days after birth to several months or many years afterwards. Some of these ceremonies have religious or cultural significance. Price for namings is $450

Same sex – Although planning a same sex wedding ceremony may require a little thinking “out” of the box, this is a great time to exercise your creativity and improve on some of the lovely wedding traditions that are out there. From the processional to the recessional, you can create a beautiful ceremony that truly reflects your values and the love you share with your betrothed. Price for this ceremony is $600

Divorce – Yes! I can do your divorce service! Price for this fun afternoon is $350…….unless you’re spending HIS money!