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HG! We beat you, my wife wins!

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12239876_10153399176362408_3711746476211252007_nAbout 9 months ago, I started writing a blog about HG to raise a little awareness about what HG is…

Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) is a complication of pregnancy characterized by intractable nausea, vomiting, and dehydration and is estimated to affect 0.5–2.0% of pregnant women, Tanya was lucky enough to score HG for ALL three of her pregnancies, but this one was by far THE WORST!!!

I remember writing in anger one day about HG,

‘So this our fifth pregnancy, goes a little like this. Jubilation – pregnant February 23, 2015. March 16, Oh NO! here we go. HG, YOU SUCK!

Wednesday March 25, Hello Shoalhaven Hospital ED! Admitted for 4 days. Zofran, Maxalon taken every day. NOTHING BLOODY WORKS! Home to sleep pretty much all day and night. When she sleeps, she doesn’t spew! Thursday April 2, C’MON!!!!! HG you really do suck. One week! You gave my wife ONE week before she has thoughts of ending this pregnancy?

HG, is something I will NEVER understand. I Will never forgive’…………..This was pretty how the rest of the nine months went!


Tanya went to hospital 5 times and lost 7-10kgs

Fast Forward to October 30th 2015, Shoalhaven Hospital Maternity Ward, 10:54am

The Birth of Emmerie Jayne Straney goes pretty well however, Tanya says it was awful –  as far as c-sects go it was a shocker.

All of that is pretty much forgotten when you can hold your baby girl in your arms and give her, her first kiss as a mother or father. The tears of joy don’t flow immediately – mainly due to the numbing effect that your newborn has on you as a parent, but upon spending about 20 minutes with my baby girl, tears rolled down my face, not only for my little girl, but for the tough, tenacious and amazing woman that is getting her insides but back together and stitched up – the mother of my third – Tanya!

We also have a remarkable GP in Dr Paul Allin, his support through this whole pregnancy and indeed all three has been fantastic and we couldn’t ask for a better man to guide us through pregnancy and parenting!

But hats off to you Tanya, you stayed strong and sought advise and guidance and relief from other HG sufferers around the world knowing you few women have a bond so close that many can’t comprehend – all HG sufferers! The bitch together, laugh together and allow each other to vent.

Tanya, you are the reason I wake, the reason I live and the reason I love, not only you, but Addison Rae, Finnegan Arthur and now Emmerie Jayne, so Thank you for being a brilliant role model and care giver to all of us in our little family!

Oh and HG……You Suck and WE BEAT YOU!!!!!


11 Nov, 15

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