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HG, you suck……Part II

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OK! Now where was I with this bloody HG thing! Oh yeah, that’s right……..Tanya still has her head in a bucket.

Just check in? Welcome, here’s a quick recap.

Late February 2015 – Pregnant YAY! Expecting is awesome! YAY!

March 16 – Spew starts.

March 25 – Hospital for 4 nights, then home. Good luck to?!?!?!?


 April 2 – Hospital for another 3 nights, yep Easter is approaching, fingers crossed home for Easter.

 On that Thursday, Tanya just wanted to go to Finnegans Easter Hat parade at pre school! YES! She made it……for an hour. 

And just as we make it home, one litre of spew, so ED here we fucking come……AGAIN. HG Really does suck!

April 6 – Easter Monday, great day. Took the kids to the river for a bike ride, Tanya took a spew bag!

A few spews through the day and all seemed ‘really’ good, until 5:23pm!

‘Oh God, I can feel it coming’ she says.

1000mls of pure no holes barred, get the fuck outta town spew! Yep, 1 litre!!! This also includes the amazing talent of pissing ya pants whilst vomiting everything you’ve eaten through the day………..Delightful.

So, how does it affect the kids?

The kids just react as if it’s normal now! This is what HG does, it makes what other people think is so out there, seem quite normal to our family. So 9 weeks of this shit and Finnegan (3) is now immune, Addison (4, almost 5), well she’s an expert! She went through this with Finnegans pregnancy and then through our termination, because HG got so bad that neither of us could go through it. (Toughest decision EVER by the way.)

So now, the kids questions have changed;

Questions like; 
Is mummy OK?
What’s mummy doing?
Why’s mummy sick?

Have now become;
How much did mum spew then dad?
When will mum stop spewing, she’s so noisy!
Or just looking up and yelling ‘mums spewing again dad’!

I feel so sorry for the kids, their the ones that miss out! Their mother isn’t really here at the moment! It’s not Tanya’s fault, she just got dealt ‘the shit stick’!    HG you suck!

For me, well ABC for Kids gets dad through too! When I’m at the end of my tether, I can say kids, it’s TV time, and there’s me two best mates – Giggle and Hoot. I’ve had to become cook, cleaner, carer, bread winner and mum too! 
Mind you, I pull my share, but doing what Tanya also does around this place means about 4 hours sleep a night. The only reason I don’t sleep is due to worry about my wife and how she’s feeling! 
 As I take peek at her sleeping at night, she seems peaceful and calm! Maybe this is the solution to HG? Just knock her the fuck out and feed her through a drip for 40 weeks right?! NO! We all need her, I need her, the kids need her, but HG, you’ve fucking ruined her….AGAIN! HG you really really fucking suck!

It’s an odd feeling, I’ve started a new business! I’m a civil celebrant, so for those who’ve started a small business you’ll know, it’s tough at the start! You worry about where the business is coming from and what next? I’ve also got that extra pressure of FULL TIME carer and dad! Not that that’s a problem, I love being dad, just not a SINGLE dad. 

The silver lining? I work from home and have brief meetings with families, giving me the time with the people I love! 

Plus, I can call on a mother in law who’s a bloody champion and saviour, when I need to work at night too! See Tanya CAN’T work, not like this, so there’s her wage GONE! 
Oh and her meds, there only about 150 bucks a week. 

It’s now 5:57pm on Easter Monday and Tanya is sound asleep! I’m just not sure when she’ll wake to take yet another spew!

I whisper in her ear ‘Good night darlin, please sleep well’!

This again isn’t about sympathy, I don’t need that. It’s about understanding what woman go through. What my strong, independent and amazing mother to my children is going through. So the next time you hear someone say, it’s ONLY morning sickness, it’s more than that, it’s HG!!


HG, You fucking suck!

07 Apr, 15

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