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She’s Apples…Casey + Callum

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Bloody hell I’m lucky!

If it wasn’t for the wonders of technology and Skype calls, multiple FaceTime calls, I’d never have had the chance to met and marry Casey and Callum.

What a couple! These guys are just champions and I love em to bits.

Casey has a smile that delights all comers and was such an easy bride and so cruisy, Callum, The Ice Man! hahahahaha

So Casey and Callum decided to get married on her parents property in Darkes Forest just north of Wollongong! But OMG, this property is just amazing and the shed they held their reception in was devine.

Casey’s parents own an apple orchard and make cider – Darkes Cider (quick plug never hurt anyone right) and the sell their apples from the farm too, so if your ever in the region, check out The Apple Shack in Darkes Forest, apples the size of softballs!

We started the ceremony with an amazing Welcome to Country on the didgeridoo by a family member and it was breathtaking!

Now onto Casey who shared wonderful vows with all present…here’s a snippet

I promise to laugh at your terrible jokes,
And I promise to give you back tickles as much as I can.
I promise to make a life full of adventures with you, and I promise to try to pack light (er).
You have made me a better person, and our love for one another is reflected on the way I live my life.



And for Callum, he showed he’s a big softie too.

Casey, you are my best friend. Words cannot describe how truly excited I am to spend the rest of my life with you. I can’t wait to learn with you, grow with you, and adventure with you. And for the rest of our lives I promise you this: 
I will love you even if you snooze your alarm 16 times every morning before you get out of bed. 
I will love you even when you’re hangry. 
I will never to go to bed angry with you, and promise to snuggle with you every night before we go to sleep. 
I will always encourage us to go on new adventures and try new things. 


Many people never hear the stories of proposal’s but Callum had a beauty and I’ll share it with you;

I spent weeks and weeks trying to work out what sort of ring I wanted to get for her. Then hours upon hours in different jewellery stores trying to get the perfect ring. 
I ended up finding the diamond I wanted, but had to get a ring made around the diamond. I thought I’d done so well!! It was a rose gold slim band with a  beautiful solitaire diamond. 
A few days later while driving from Wollongong to Inverell I asked how she would design an engagement ring- she said silver and lots of diamonds and sparkles. I nearly threw up. I was so gutted that I’d messed everything up and got the wrong ring made. And I couldn’t even change it because it had been sent of to be made! 
I then spent weeks trying to work out how I was going to propose. I looked up hundreds of different holiday locations and settled on a camping trip to Evans head. 
I wanted to propose the afternoon we got there- but in true Casey fashion, it took too long to get ready and out of the house, so by the time we got to Evans head it was too late in the evening. We headed back to our camp site. 
That night Casey suggested we go for a walk along the beach at sunrise. I couldn’t have been happier, but casually passed it off as an okay idea. I was bursting at the seams. 
That morning we got up and headed down to the beach before sunrise. I spend a bunch of time mucking around with my camera and tripod getting the right settings and back ground. Once I decided it was time, I started a time lapse on my camera. I then pretended to get a photo with her, and went down on one knee. I was so nervous I completely forgot what I had planned to say! 
It was the happiest day of my life. 


Just magic and I love the story behind every couple. Casey and Callum partied the night away in the barn and I can’t wait to catch up with them again….maybe for a few of the finest Darkes Ciders!

When you see their smiles after they were married, you realise…..She’s Apples!



10 Oct, 18

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