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#StraneysVirtualCoffee – Matthew Child Photographer

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This morning’s Virtual Coffee is with one of the young gun photographers that the Shoalhaven has – Matthew Child.
He has an amazing eye and did a great job of making me look half decent in the photo shoot for my website, he’s a great photographer, down to Earth, genuine and has a heart of gold – he’ll get the best out of any bride and grooms big day as well as engagement shoots, family shoots and so on.

His clients all say the same thing…. ‘Matthew was just amazing’
So time to sit down with Matthew Child for #StraneysVirtualCoffee



How did you get into your business?
By accident really….I bought a camera as a hobby and posted my photos online. Then all of a sudden, people were asking me if they could pay me to take family photos etc. About 6 months later I was asked to shoot my first wedding, I just fell in love with wedding photography and decided that is what I wanted to do for a living.

Why did you think it was such a good idea?
Because I get to do what I love for a living! You know what they say… Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life

How many staff do you have?
Other than a few assistants here and there it has just been myself, a one man show. But recently I have brought my partner Aimy onboard to help me shoot and manage everything. She is doing amazing

What are your major challenges?
My major challenge is just to try and keep my work fresh, learn and come up with new techniques and ideas to make my photos really stand out.

Who inspires you?
I get inspiration from a bit of everywhere. Other famous photographers, movies, paintings etc but what really inspires me is my clients. Seeing the love they have for each other really inspires and drives me to tell the story of one of their most important days in the best, most romantic way possible. And that’s what I try to achieve with my photos.

Tell me about the best opportunity and what happened?
Some of my best opportunities would have to be photographing weddings overseas and all over Australia. I love travelling and I love destinations weddings. Shooting weddings in places like Bali, New Zealand and Hamilton Island is just a dream come true.

OK, we gotta go, whatdya drinkin’?
Haha I’m not a big coffee drinker so I might go have a hot Milo.

I probably should’ve added, how did you make me look good for my website shoot, but was too scared of the answer, thanks Matt and don’t forget to hook up with Matthew Child Photography if you don’t have a picture taking guy for your wedding day.


20 Sep, 17

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