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A Driftwood Wedding – Taylah and Chris

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There’s a few wedding venues I get really excited about working at……when an email comes and the venue details say ‘Driftwood Shed‘ I’ll admit, I get a little giddy at the prospect that I get to work at this venue again…importantly, it tells me so much more about YOU, the couple.

You see the Driftwood Shed is fun, chillaxed and just a really cruisy but beautiful venue!

So when that email came from Taylah, I knew that something special was on the cards, then when I found out I knew her fiance Chris, I was even more stoked! Yep, this wedding was gunna be epic!

Every single time I sat down with Taylah and Chris they just kept saying ‘fun, chilled and relaxed’, you bloody ripper! It’s kinda what I do!

The lead up was perfect, a few last minute nerves, vows ready, no real rundown for reception, I was also their MC, but again, just go with it and let’s have fun! Then the day before the wedding comes and THE BLOODY WEATHER! Why ME!!!!!!!!! It looked terrible, it rained and I thought we’d all need to cram on into “The Shed”…day of wedding, no such dramas, plenty of friends all rocked up to Driftwood Shed to see it go down without a hitch….well a very late bride, but she had to wait for that perfect piece of sunlight!

So how did their big day go down?

Taylah told me that Chris added her on Facebook, she said I remember considering do I accept or not.

I had no idea who he was and we only had one mutual friend is common. So rightfully my mind did think CREEP!

I had a little stalk through his photos and after that thinking he was pretty cute and accepted the friend request.

Although Chris sent the friend request he’ll always make a very big point that Taylah was first to start a conversation! Which she did, that night a Facey message, doing the whole “oh hey do I know you?”

It went from there, they got chatting that night and the night ended with him giving Taylah his number. 

Chris also told me, they met over Facebook! He said, I added tay but she messaged first!  (My profile pic must have been sexy)

This parts wasn’t for her dad Darren…Taylah told me

I was normally pretty open with my dad when it came to boys But for some reason this time I wasn’t. I had told the girls at school where I was going to meet him and I was going to stay at his place. Mind you this is the first time we had met! Anyway on Friday afternoon after school I told dad I was staying at a friend down the road for the night and off I went. Chris picked me up from the top of the street in his orange Ford ute.

Yep, TJ got into a Ute with a strange boy…..Lucky he ended up becoming her husband.

We had such a great night with the fire lit and everyone having just what they wanted a fun night, everyone chilled and relaxing.

Taylah and Chris are eating their own wait in pizzas in a private little hideaway in Bali…thanks for allowing me to be apart of your special day.


The Dream Team

Celebrant – ME!

Photographer – Alana Taylor

Venue – The Driftwood Shed

Dress – Loulette bridal from Marie Bridal Camden

Florals – Jessica lea floral design

Hair – maiden hair

Make Up – Rachel McIntosh

The Dudes – Yd

Catering – Wandering Woodfired Pizza

28 Nov, 18

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