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The REAL Bachelor

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elderly-gettyYeah, Yeah, I know there’s a TV show using the same name.

I met a lady today who really was a special person.

I arranged a funeral for a fella – name withheld – today who was 77 years old, the thing that struck me was he was 77 and ‘never’ married, never had a ‘lady friend’, never ‘with’ anyone…The Real Bachelor!

Now this isn’t a sad story, in fact quite the opposite. Ya see, he lived an amazing life as ‘A Bachelor’, something that many of us forget all about in our mad rushed busy lifestyles. We find someone, we fall in love, we buy a house, we marry, we have kids, we grow old, we die….Or so, it’s supposed to go!

But yep, they still exist, both bachelors and spinsters, although most people think that ‘B&S’ is still a ball you go to in the regional centres of Australia, this fella lived smack bang in the middle of The Shire, he was the ultimate ‘beach bum’, ‘bronzed Aussie’.

The thing about the lady that was special is that she treated him a bit like her own father…he lived with them for a short time, he enjoyed Christmas with her family, her husband, her children and they all felt the same way about him. He wasn’t related to them, but they accepted him as part of the family, a man they hadn’t known. I admire that in people – the people who see past the everyday to take on and accept others for a time.

Is that what’s lacking in our world today….Compassion?

Now he’s past they are all – as you can imagine – devastated at the loss of a pretty awesome bloke. A mad punter…always ready with a tip, a Black Douglas drinker and a bloke who loved Christmas, he sent out Christmas cards wayyyyyy to early, but it’s so he made sure he was still in peoples minds. God love him!

It’s surprising in this frantic paced world we live in that we take little time out to check in with the elderly – and even worse with the elderly who live within a morning or evening ‘hello’ away from us –  you just never know who’s day you might make. And you never know the impact they might just have on your life!

27 Oct, 15

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