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Keeping your wedding guests happy!

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MOC GraffitiI often say to people, I love my job! Having the opportunity to marry great couples that really do WANT to spend the rest of their lives together.
That’s what LOVE is all about, and why I favour Same Sex Marriage, everyone should have that opportunity to marry the person that really LOVE! Anyway, besides all the political mumbo jumbo – down to keeping those guests happy!!
I try to make each ceremony different, fun, and all about the bride and groom, but what happens when the ceremony of marriage is over and you head off for your photos. What is it that your guests are thinking…..and doing?
Sure, you don’t really care what their doing, you’re with the one you love, a few friends in the bridal party and one or two photographers that are making you smile ridiculously into each others eyes for what seems to be hours! I’ll get to that shortly.
It’s not something that the bride and groom often think about, but keep your guests happy and EVERYONE will have an amazing reception and importantly for you, talk about your wedding day for years to come as ‘the best wedding I’ve been to’
So here’s a few tips to keep guests happy;
6. Brides…….BE ON TIME! Gone are the days of ‘being late’ to pretend your not coming or making him nervous – let’s get one thing straight – YOU’RE BOTH CRAPPING YOUR PANTS!! You don’t annoy the celebrant, although some will charge you for being late and in fact, I’ve heard of some stopping the ceremony until they are paid a ‘late fee’. It’s the guests that don’t think it’s funny, they’re PO’d! If it’s cold, the girls are cold, if it’s hot, everyone’s uncomfortable….think of the people that could make or break your reception!
5. VB and Yellow? Seriously? We don’t want Verve Clicquot or Moët nor are we searching for boutique beers, but something middle of the road sits well with everyone!
Also, it’s not a bad idea to have someone that will keep an eye on people that tend to try and just ‘get wasted’ at weddings – you’ll know who they are!
4. Beach Wedding – Oh your wedding was beautiful, but in still getting sand out of my shoes, socks and…… crack! Everyone loves a beach wedding, we all get some brilliant pictures.
Just remember what you and your guests will be required to wear, can guests do casual for the ceremony, then get changed for ‘the party’? Your guests, especially mothers, grandmothers and alike, will need to walk down to a beach, generally through a wettish forest edge first to get to the paradise destination. So there’s mud, grass, then the sand sticking to expensive shoes of all your guests – that wont make them happy.
3. Speeches – We love your dad, but does he have to give us your biography…..FROM BIRTH!
It’s funny to take the rinse out of the groom, he’s your best mate, but will his new wife, her mother, his mother or his father see the funny side, so the big tip for speeches – keep it respectful and tasteful!
As your celebrant, I’m happy to help your bestman and you, get through what is a nervous time for some, I have a few guidelines to keep everyone laughing and most importantly happy!
2. Food gap – We are seriously hungry guys! C’mon! An hour between entree and main is just ridiculous!
Most venues are brilliant at getting canapes to guests as soon as they arrive, some leave them in a corner and only 10 out of 120 guests get to pig out on those little beauties. So it’s important to ask your venue what they have upon guests arrival.
Entrees follow by Mains 45 minutes later, that way everyone is fed and satisfied and ready to party. You get to cut the cake and party!!
1. The photo gap – I know it’s hard, you’re paying A LOT for your photographer and they want you to get the best out of light, geography etc etc, but seriously, let’s TRY to keep it to about 90 mins, remember often your guest are drinking grog, and even the best alcoholic can get hammered in 90 minutes.
Often guests go back to a pub, either close to the wedding ceremony, or close to the reception house, guests get annoyed as they are paying for food – that they want at your reception, which means the food that you’re paying for could go to waste as the guests have eaten AND they are paying for grog. This means they are three parts tanked before ‘you’ even walk in for the greatest celebration of your life!
wedding-celebrant-2Adam Straney is The Master of Ceremony and can make your wedding day….PERFECT!
Just contact Adam HERE
“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” -Mignon McLaughlin
01 Jul, 15

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