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Let’s hear it for the boys

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Jessica&Kireon_Wedding05022016_0434In my short time as a male celebrant in what is generally a female dominated occupation, I want to give the boys a real chest beating ‘thumbs up’.

You see it’s the generalisation of weddings that, there are ‘rules’ to weddings;

When to Kiss and when not to

When to say vows and who goes first and when not to

When to blah blah blah, you know all the usual ‘traditions’

They are good and serve a purpose for some couples…but the one rule you should go by is ‘THERE ARE NO RULES’,  the one thing that I certainly see changing is the way the men/grooms are getting involved and genuinely interacting – from the beginning! The fellas that are getting in at the coalface…the lads helping with decision making!

I mean the boys who are making sure they get in contact with ME – the celebrant!

OK OK OK, let’s just stop right there!

Am I making a bigger issue out of this that what I should be? Surely the fellas ‘should’ be doing something that assists their ‘soon to be wife’ in what will be the biggest day for them EVER?

PHP_0062You see, normally the bride will email or call the celebrant, the bride will make that decision about who she wants or doesn’t want in charge of her day, or so it seemed….nowadays, I’m taking more and more calls and getting more emails from the fellas. Whether it be from mates of mine Stephen White, Jeremy Sutton, Matt Cross, David Simister, Scott McCristal and my old mate David MURPH Murphy. And that’s tops that ya mates can rely on you for their big day.

But then, there are the other fellas, like Marcus from Perth, he knew exactly what he wanted and how he and Rebecca wanted to be married – sophisticated and elegant, so that’s what they got!

David out of Melbourne, he was having a huge NYE bash and was keen to Skype chat – although he did work very closely with his bride Kristen.

Paul from Sydney, now Paul was ‘on it’, he was a hard task master and I loved working with him. A man who dotted every single i and crossed every single t, but his wedding was going to be a day that everyone would remember…and I’m sure his friends still do remember that day at Jasper’s in Berry – just beautiful!

IMG_4034And the blokes who are very active in their wedding day preparations Dan in Blaxland, Aaron from spuddies territory Robertson, David from Bowral and so many more where the first point of contact was with the fellas.

Well done fellas and…Let’s hear it for the boys!

30 Mar, 16

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