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No Pressure Lads for that Perfect Rock

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wedding-celebrant-16It’s a beautiful sunny spring afternoon, all your friends have gathered to see you ‘finally’ get married to him.

The weather is perfect, your friends are all saying the right things, nobody has argued about sitting this person with that person……WOW! Your day really is going to be amazing!!

We’ve discussed the vows, you’ve rehearsed them over and over in my head, you did the rehearsal of the wedding with me yesterday and everything is going to plan, WOW! Your day is here and YES! It is going to be perfect……..INSERT DREAM MUSIC!!!!!!!


OK ladies, let’s not get completely carried away, let’s cast your mind back only 12-18 months ago, maybe less for some. Your fiance and soon to be husband was crapping himself either in a jeweller or searching online for the most amazing rock he could slap on your finger so your day can be perfect.

Let’s spare a thought for the guy who just 12 months ago was sweating over ‘what the hell the 4 C’s of a diamond really bloody means’. And for those that dont know, they are Cut, Colour, Clarity and  Carat… makes a great trivia question!

But fellas, don’t sweat! Picking that perfect rock really only comes with a couple of questions;

How much to spend?

What will she like?

Do I go gold or white gold?

Can I just pick one off the rack?

All valid questions lads, so let’s break it down………

1-2How much to spend?
Budget is a very personal thing, people used to say you should spend a months wage on an engagement ring. So what about an apprentice on $200 a week? Good luck pal! Spending a set amount on the engagement is completely up to you, ask yourself, How much can I afford? Then only you will truly know how much to spend on an engagement ring. Don’t fall into the salesmans trap of upselling you to the most expensive ring, if she really wont like it. Brings me to the next question.


four-prong-engagement-ring-300x240What will she like?
C’mon man! Seriously? You don’t know what she likes and your about to ask her the single most important question in both your lives, you need to go through her crap!!!!! Snoop, ask questions, take her to a jeweller and say ‘We should buy our mums something nice for Xmas’, then slyly check out engagement rings. Do anything!!! Ask friends, ask her mum, leave hints, check out her ‘other’ jewellery, it will give you a good idea of what colour jewellery she likes. Hmmm, what a segue into the next question.


round-cut-diamond-ringDo I go gold or white gold?
This is again a personal choice, stuff it up and you will be visiting that jeweller again and sucking up to get it changed! (if you can!) It’s 2015, every jeweller will have options for you, whether it’s the claw-set, banded, parallel, flared, split, twisted, overlapping or open a good jeweller will have it all for you to choose.



Can I just pick one off the rack?
Mate, you can do whatever the hell you want! If you think she’ll fall in love with it, then go for it! That’s the simplest question ever known to man! It’s not about spending squillions of bucks, cause she’s probably going to want to do that in about 12 months……TRUST ME!


You’ve had that feeling of overwhelming love in your gut for ages and now it’s time to pop the question, make it special! Your favourite restaurant, your favourite beach, somewhere she truly feels comfortable….and if that means on the lounge, well so be it!

Asking her to marry you is after all about the greatest feeling in the world….love!

Cherish and love each other forever and most of all, fall in love every single day.


If you live on the South Coast of NSW, lads I trust the team at J’Adore Diamonds to get the job done for you beautifully.

Oh and after you pop the question, pop by my office wife your new fiance and we can sort out the most fun wedding ever!

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13 Jul, 15

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