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Remember that time ‘I Got Loose’

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12710826_915157218599748_7292815112414648790_oIt happens all the time at weddings, it’s a party atmosphere right?

But there’s always those few that just love the open bar a little too much! The ones that get way too loose for a respectful wedding ceremony.

So here’s a few tips for those people that want to ‘get loose’…

  1. DON’T!
  2. DON’T!!
  3. DON’T!!!

Wedding receptions are so much more than seeing how many beers you can throw down your neck in the shortest space of time!

So, how do you stop people getting wasted? Here’s a few tips….

PAYG…Everything is an acronym now, Pay As You Go – make it clear to the guests they will need to buy their own ‘hard spirits’, most people will then stick to your beer and wine list.

Casual Wedding…When you have a casual wedding, everyone is really chilled and relaxed. I’ve seen it happen many times before, when everyone is chilled, the vibe that’s created is one of happiness and fun. Outdoor venues are great for this kind of vibe.

Vino on the table…Have loads of water on the tables! Then generally have the tables set with 3 bottles of alcohol, one white, one red and one bubbly. By the time the wait staff have generally noticed the wine bottles are empty, people will have hooked into the water!

Clock Watch…Consider the timing of your reception, the later it is, the more people are inclined to ‘hook in’, the longer the wait for the bride and groom to return from photos, the bigger the bill on grog. Just be mindful of your guests too, they can make or break a bar tab!

Everything considered, most people will be considerate of your wishes at a wedding nowadays. There’s always the odd ONE that has too much to drink and takes out five of your guests on the dance floor thinking they are from LMFAO and shuffling, or when trying to catch the bouquet will attack that thing quicker than an All Black on a Wallaby line-out.

The most important thing for a bride and groom to do is not worry about what happens…enjoy your day and night and your guests will pick up from that vibe and go with it too!


19 Jul, 16

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