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Slide it On – The Marriage of Kel and Daniel

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2015-11-16_0006I’ve said before that as a celebrant you remember things very differently about the wedding day than everyone else. The smell in the air, the excitable look of the groom, the first glance between bride and groom, the tear of a loving mother! I remember them all, it’s strange, like a weird dream almost, I recall each one in my head.

Then there’s the ‘Slide it On’ moment that will NEVER be forgotten by anyone at the wedding of Kelly and Daniel Coysh.

I’ve known Kel for sometime, great girl, awesome family. So when the time came to marry Mark and Cheryl’s daughter I’ll admit….I kinda freaked out a little, you never wanna stuff up someone’s wedding day, but worse…stuffing up a friends wedding day. Luckily for me, the laughs weren’t at me ‘so to speak’ but at Daniel the groom. Get to that soon.

It was such an easy wedding ceremony to do for them, they knew what they wanted and where it was to unfold at the venue – Terara Riverside Retreat – until it started to really rain hard a few days beforehand. Mitch her brother was out buying spare marquees the day before ‘just in case’, the rehearsal went well and everyone knew what they had to do…well, all except Daniel, who I don’t think was listening.

12374932_10154550689419460_3797394209374123820_oThe ceremony started beautifully, nice words to Mark, Kelly’s dad for ‘the giveaway’, then the ceremony into full swing, Kylah, Daniel’s daughter read the poem November by F.S. Flint

What is eternal of you
I saw in both your eyes.
You were among the apple branches;
the sun shone, and it was November.
Sun and apples and laughter
and love we gathered, you and I.
And the birds were singing.

A great moment! The vows read and now time for the exchanging of rings! We discussed how this was to go down the day before…simply ‘slide it on her finger and repeat after me’, easy right? Riiiiiiiiiiiight!

Daniel just had to repeat after me;

2015-11-16_0007Kel, I give you this ring as a symbol that we are one with each other. Please wear it with pride, knowing the commitment we have made to each other.

He hadn’t put the ring on yet and with the mic up at his mouth I said to him ‘slide it on’ and he repeated for everyone there to hear him……”Slide it on”.

Everyone was in raptures and will go down as a funny moment for all at their wedding, luckily I got to hang around at the reception and we continued to yell out ‘Slide it On mate’ alllll night.

Congratulations Kelly and Daniel Coysh

2015-11-16_0003 2015-11-16_0001

Venue: Terara Riverside Retreat

Photographer: Sarah Kennedy Photography – she is seriously an amazing photographer!!!!

Celebrant: Meeeeeee!

16 Mar, 16

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  • ***Cheryl Hunter (mother of the Brie)*** says: posted on 16 Mar, 2016

    Wow after reading this I just relived the day the tear from the mother of the bride (me) the beautiful poem by Kylah though what Adam didn’t write that we too saw what he didn’t on that day…… The tender way he encouraged Kylah the simply act of bending down to her level the tender way he encouraged her (showing his fatherly love) .
    And how could we forget the slide it on moment … Well he did say repeat after me.
    The wedding of my daughter was a special day for both my husband and I and for all our family and friends from both the Hunter family and Coysh family and was made even more special by having Adam perform the ceremony we had known Adam as the funny radio announcer, the crazy guy calling the basketball game were we a little nervous of the larrikin he was ???? …. Yep BUT this guy has found his calling funny , witty, serious but an ultimate professional, what a beautiful rendition of our special day……. Thank you Straney…….. Continue to help other families enjoy memories and make their own “slide it on moments” …… Thank you xx

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