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Straney’s Virtual Coffee – The Cranky Cook

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First thing every Thursday, I’m discovering businesses in the Shoalhaven and finding out more about people and their general business success, kinda getting some love floating around.

I believe in supporting great businesses and getting to chat with business people to find out what makes not only them, but their business tick and how they’ve gotten to where they are.

This week, I sit down somewhat tentatively to chat with ‘The Cranky Cook’ Chris Armstrong.
Chris is the current head chef at Cambewarra Estate Winery and he’s making noises, not only with his menu, but the sweet treats coming from the kitchen for their High Tea.
He’s travelled the globe cooking, most notably in South America in his own restaurants, so let’s wake The Cranky Cook for an early morning Coffee….this could be interesting!

Hey Cranky Cook, how did you get into your business?
After being a chef for 17 years I thought I made a pretty good pastry so I decided to test the market with it.

Why did you think it was such a good idea?
I thought it was a good idea because I saw a gap in the market for quality pastry and pies

How many staff do you have?
No staff just my beautiful partner Nikki.

What are your major challenges?
Being a new business finding customers to use the products and also the time involved while also working a full time job.

What are your major frustrations?
Nothing to major, the cooking part is easy – just the search for a permanent and bigger location to build the business.

How do you overcome those frustrations?
Still on the look for a more suitable premises to produce a higher volume of product and a more profitable business

Who inspires you?
My young daughter Kaliyah

Tell me about the best opportunity and what happened?
Moving to the area to buy a cafe…….The result……….Miserable failure but a learning experience

Finally, we gotta actually do some work, whatdya drinkin’?
Coffee in the morning or a nice glass of Malbec in the afternoon, I like it! Is it too early to crack that Malbec???


Hit up The Cranky Cook on Facey for more deets about what he can do for your next event!

30 Aug, 17

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