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The Do’s and Don’ts for Summer Weddings

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Soooooo, you’ve been invited to a wedding at the end of this year, early 2016. Well done, they must like you!

Do you wear that slutty little white number? Should you blog the entire wedding on Facey for those that didn’t get the invite?

Should I seek a $3000 hat from an exclusive Milliner?

What’s the GO for 2015/16 Summer weddings?

For Couples!

Money can’t buy you happiness! So the amount of couples that ask me for cash and not a thoughtful gifts gives me the S&^TS! Even worse, just putting your bank account details on an invite is a sure fire way of having me not respond to an RSVP. Just stick to a gift register, what’s so hard about a gift register, you get online or go in store and buy whatever the couple thinks they’d need for a new home set up, or better still, check out the gift register and let them ‘use your brain’ and buy them something they’d like.



Tradition is over rated! What do you like? Star Wars themed cake? Simple yet elegant is the new go! Little figurines of a bride and a groom though is WAYYYYYY 1990!


Sure a DJ is ‘cool’ and he’ll have 10 million songs on his mixing desk / ‘computer’?? But your nanna isn’t someone that like the new remix of ‘Jessie J and Ariana Grande’, it’s actually the real reason why people leave early.

Check out really good solo acts or duos that play so many songs and are so much cooler than your sunny wearing DJ!

I would recommend Mr Zephyr for those that love 80’s and 90’s stuff, they’re a good duo. There’s Liam Maihi who is wonderfully talented and a part of The Voice 2015. Oh and there’s Luke Koteras who has an amazing voice too.  I would SERIOUSLY consider these guys who will turn your night from ok, to elegant and amazing!


One of the best ideas for tables is, consider naming the tables after something personal to you, such as houses you’ve lived in, countries you’ve visited together, or your favourite flowers. So much better than 1-15…..BORING!


So you want just some friends at the reception ONLY, O Oh! Who really wants an arguement now?!!!!! Don’t want them at the wedding, why feed them and allow them to drink your grog?


Bridesmaids and ushers

Limit your bridesmaids to THREE…..3, yep T H R E E! You’re NOT Kim whats her name! Who Weekly isn’t turning up and you wont be on the front cover of New Idea. If you want a circus, marry a Kardashian!

Just go with two or three friends and your day will flow without a headache.


Postal invitations should always be sent (about eight weeks in advance) – never invite people on Facebook or by email….TACKY!

Having a fun wedding, make the invite fun add some folly, elegant? Make them elegant, if they are traditional, they’ll expect a formal wedding. Choose carefully and let your guests understand what the day is about!

Now, for you Guests going to someone’s big day!


Get this back to the couple….and quickly, within a few days. And speaking of yourself in the third person is OK nowadays!

You may even choose to call them or email, that’s cool in 2015!
Mums and Dads

They can help – remember they’ve been through this! Parents are paying, so they do have a say, but it’s NOT always paid for by the bride’s parents anymore, it’s OK to ‘split the bill’.


No name on invite……No kid! Don’t bitch about it, accept…have a night away from them and call a sitter!

Social Media – The Blackout!

Loads of people are now having ‘blackout’ wedding ceremonies! This means, don’t post pictures on social media before the bride and groom have uploaded theirs. Oh and if the snap of the bride you have is a SHOCKER! Don’t share that!

What’s your Gear?


A yhoung man should always look the goods at a wedding, and this summer, you can get away with a lighter suit, a linen one if it’s too hot for wool. Always, Always wear a tie and do have the top button done on your suit at all times! Unless sitting for tucker!


Your friends wedding is NOT the Sydney Fashion Week, it’s not a competition to see who has the biggest wallet either. Summer Weddings are about florals and elegant prints. Sure wear a hat, but do remember it’s not The Golden Slipper!

Black and white

Black is BAD LUCK at a wedding and summer in Australia, well, you’re just mad wearing black in February at a 3:30pm wedding – you might need that little roll on deodorant!

White is exclusive to the bride – unless of course, YOU’RE A BITCH!


Just check with the bride and groom first, but again remember if you’re wearing a hat….It’s not The Cup, so tone it down!
A summer wedding is amazing and something to remember, make sure it’s remembered for all the right reasons.
I hope we can catch up and make your summer wedding one to remember, here’s a link to my facebook page!
28 Jul, 15

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  • ***STANLEY JOHNS MENSWEAR*** says: posted on 29 Jul, 2015

    Great article !! You are totally correct on the linen suits for the Men’s attire in summer. But, please inform your grooms that Pure Wool Suits are also ideal for the summer months. Wearing a 100% pure fine wool Suit is perfect for all conditions. Look for a ” Super 100s ” or “120s” fabric. The number represents how far the new wool has been stretched, making the fabric finer, therefore nicer on your skin. Thus cooler in the hotter summer months. We can assist anyone with the Men’s attire, covering all styles, all colours, and all sizes. Pop into STANLEY JOHNS MENSWEAR in Nowra for your wedding guidance.

    • ***themasterofceremony*** says: posted on 29 Jul, 2015

      Thanks for the message. This is why Stanley Johns Menswear in the Shoalhaven are THE best when it comes to wedding suit hire. Great advice guys and I’ll keep that in mind for summer wedding that I’m officiating.

  • ***Debbie*** says: posted on 28 Jul, 2015

    This is great, but you forgot to add ” to decorate your perfect day you need to contact Meraki Event Styling 0438232442″ New to the Shoalhaven. Check us out on Facebook or Instagram.

  • ***Kerry*** says: posted on 28 Jul, 2015

    Excellent advice, for engaged couples and guests ?

    • ***themasterofceremony*** says: posted on 28 Jul, 2015

      Thanks gang, nice to get the feedback. But nicer for couples and guests to get a heads up before 2016!!

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