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The King gets his Queen.

posted in Wedding by is one of the biggest keys to your wedding day, most brides call or text me suggesting they can’t sleep just one to five days out from their wedding, mainly due to excitement…and nerves…and anxiety…but sometimes, just plain insomnia!

That excitement that you feel, run with it, but don’t let it take over you!

That’s exactly what Allison did, she went with it for the most part and kept her cool through all the organising of the ceremony and the stresses that they can bring.

Personally, I like to ask how the wedding day is coming together, not just the important bit that I do, being the legal portion of the wedding day, but from the flowers, to decorations to family bickering just days away!

Allison was relatively good throughout – but that last week, wow! The excitement built, so too did a little tension, but Allison got to have a beautiful ceremony with wonderful vows and her day was perfect.

NOW, for her groom….Rory KING!

To this date…THE MOST relaxed groom I’ve ever met, he was so chilled I thought he fell asleep in my office, laid back, cool, backwards hat, tatts and his princess sitting next to him all the time, keeping ‘him’ abreast of the entire process. I’ve never heard the words ‘What, sorry mate’ more in my life, he’s a great bloke and works dam hard for the both of them to get ahead, he only has eyes for Allison…..his Queen!

We get to their wedding day October 24, 2015. He was to put it mildly ‘crapping himself’, the day had hit him like a tonne of bricks, but he still seemed a little chilled and tried to remain calm.

Mr King had all of his mates there, the family and he was the proudest young man to see his bride, the princess, become the Queen to his King. They laughed through the service, there were a few tears when Allison read her vows and they PARTIED HARD!!!

All in all, The King Wedding was one to remember, especially the reception….it was MASSIVE!

Here’s Allison’s vows and probably the reason she teared up, because they were fun, yet so heart felt, with the permission of Mrs Allison King…her vows;

I promise to love, care and cherish you as much as you love, care and cherish your bike….
I promise to love you with all that I am, to encourage and respect you through our life together..
I am the happiest I have ever been and it’s all because of you…
I can’t wait to create our future together I am so proud to call you my husband now and forever ..
I love you Rory

Let me introduce The King and his Queen!

Wedding: Gardens of Worrigee House

Photos: Kiss My Flash

Reception: Worrigee House

Celebrant: Some guy….ME!

12 Jan, 16

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