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Two Wrongs Make A White

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Ela and Dean The BoatCasting my mind back to the 23rd September 2016 makes me laugh, it was the day that Dean White married his beautiful Ela.
These guys are the most chilled, relaxed people ever, a great couple, full of positivity, laughs and smiles…an absolute joy to have met and know.

I received the wonderful news recently that Ela is expecting and they are soooo chuffed, but it got me thinking…what made the 23rd so special?

(insert harp music as we drift back in time)

The stage is set, 22nd September, Ela and Dean are staying in a choice spot over looking the water at Culburra Beach, few beers, coupla wines and then…..”holy shit mum, how are we getting YOU to the ceremony?” Ela was slightly unchilled at this point, I kinda said look, it’ll be sweet, why don’t I get The Straney Taxi Service to came into play and pick mum up???

I was called upon to give Jennifer a ride to her daughters wedding the following day….sweet, drama sorted…onto more pressing issues of champers and how the day will flow!
Had I known now what I said then was actually going to happen, I’d bottle it and say it at every wedding – “we’ll just chill and see what happens hey?”, Dean immediately “sweet, let’s do that”.

The pics from the wedding day are just amazing!!!!!

Ela and Dean 2 Ela and Dean crowd








So, to said wedding day – slightly late getting mum to ceremony, no probs, everyone at The Driftwood Shed (amazing venue by the way) are having a few bevvies and the mood is awesome, chilled, relaxed and fun, just like they wanted – all oblivious to our tardy arrival, but the DJ was cranking some tunes, it was my kinda crowd, ready to have a great time.

Ela and Dean 3 Ela and Dean that moment









The amazing Ela arrives, Dean has a few tears when he first spots her and then onto the vows, BEST PART OF ANY CEREMONY, especially Dean and Ela, they ripped into each other and gave their hearts to one another in front of everyone and it was bloody tops!!!

Ela and Dean Giveaway Ela and Dean vows









So here are snippets of what they said to each other.

Dean to Ela;
I promise to keep challenging you and supporting you so we can continue to grow together
I promise to let you know when you are becoming a filthy grub
I promise to protect you and look after you for the rest of your life
I promise to start laughing with you more and less at you, even though your humour and love for puns is awful
I promise to love you as much as you love chips and dip and of course wine
I promise to never stop loving you

And Ela to Dean;
I promise to always treat you with the same kindness, respect & appreciation as you do me
I promise to be there for you during those hard times when the surf is pumping and you’re having an anxiety attack at work
I promise to stop blaming my un cleanliness on my lack of eye site and will try my best to turn into the domestic godess i claim to be
I promise to give 100% to our relationship always, and to love you as much as you love Dee Why Point
I promise to look after you when you are old and bald…… which by the looks of things, could be soon
Thank you for asking me to marry you

They kissed – with a small to medium grope from Deanoss, they drank, they had an amazing night and I won’t forget these two ever!

Thank you both for a great day and good luck with Baby White in 2017, so I suppose “Two Wrongs make Three Whites?”

Ela and Dean Driftwood Ela and Dean reception Ela and Dean Driftwood 2 Ela and Dean Driftwood 3 Ela and Dean See Ya



03 Mar, 17

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