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What is ‘The perfect age to Marry’?

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You’re young, you’re nervous and you wanna get married. Cool! Congrats on making the biggest step EVER, apart from kids, buying a new home, juggling a busy household, maybe running your own business, planning holidays away…..but yeah, it’s a biggie!

So what really is the “best age” to get married? Well all the studies will tell you, there’s a low risk of divorce when tying the knot at 28 to 32, not too young and not all that old, either. This demographic has a few names, ‘the Goldilocks Theory of Marriage’ or ‘The Math Perfect Age to Get Married’.

So if you are going to marry your sweetheart in that ‘sweet spot’, Congratulations. I wish you a lifetime of statistically probable happiness. But if you’re single, younger than 28 or older than 32, and want to marry someday……….pay little attention to all that!

I’ve been through a divorce, and just for the record – I was in that sweet spot demographic!!!

Age isn’t the only thing that determines marital happiness. I imagine that marrying at the “right” time — and picking the wrong person — could also increase your chances of divorce.

You can’t go through life like a contestant on a game show, making it through to the next round by simply being in the correct demographics, fulfilling life in a series of dot points on a studies graphs. This too, is a sure fire way to go through the divorce office. Marriage isn’t about the correct age to marry, have kids, for the mortgage to start.

Marriage is simply about one thing….LOVE!

I have two friends that spring to mind, both ladies shall remain nameless – they married early, had children even, things turned crap…got divorced. It happens, that was what happened in their lives, they worked through it and moved on. Now over the age of 32, and well over the age of 32 – no disrespect intended – they’ve found a man they like, fell in love and are now both happier people than I have ever seen, they married over the age of 32! And good bloody luck to them.

You see, you can’t decide ahead of time exactly when you will marry, have a child or make a certain amount of money. There are other people or factors involved, potential partners, fertility fluctuation, employers, the economy at large. I don’t have some new fandangled professor driven study paid for by the bridal or relationship industry here to back me up, but in my experience — not as a sociologist or economist, but as a person — trying to control all that can make you CRAZY.

Just enjoy the ride you are currently on, whether you’re 19, 24, 28, 32, 40, 50 or even 60. You just never know when that “flying cherub with a bow” will fire an arrow into ya chest for you to fall in love, when it is fired though- GRAB ON – hold them with all your warmth and love, only then will you know….what age is perfect to get married!

05 Aug, 15

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