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Which Grammy star will sing at your wedding?

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Lots of brides and grooms mull over hours and hours of music, it doesn’t need to be that way, simply hire a Grammy Award winner!
Wait! What?
That’s exactly what “lovebirds” Sunitha and Sridhar Reddy had John Legend do, yep! JOHN LEGEND sang at their wedding…..well, he kinda serenaded them with his massive hit ‘All of Me’.
For their first dance, John Legend swings across the dancefloor, jumps onto the stage and smashes out the Number 1 hit on the piano and vocals.

The groom spun his bride during a perfect part of the song.

Now, this is all nice but seriously, my name ain’t Kayne and my wife certainly isn’t Kim! So let’s be far to Mr and Mrs Average getting married in Australia, you REALLY think this is possible?If so, your fiance is either Geoffrey Edelsten or Twiggy Forrest!

The couple had their ceremony at the Hyatt Regency in Huntington Beach, The Honey Moon Suite alone is $1500 US a night. So you can imagine the bill for the wedding, I doubt the families had too many problems paying for their ‘John Who…..’
Infact, according to Legend’s touring company website, you can book him for the tiny sum of $750,000 per show.

To be honest, go with a DJ, Live Band or maybe you’ve got a friend that really can sing! The important thing isn’t what you pay for your day, it’s what the day means. Pick the songs that mean something to YOU and to your guests. The song that allows ME – your celebrant to ask your guests to ‘listen carefully’ to their special wedding songs!!

Oh and I still prefer ‘Ordinary People’, what a song!


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Chat soon.


“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”
-Mignon McLaughlin

18 Jun, 15

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