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Have the coffee snobs moved?

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It’s long been held that Berry have been the cool, hip and trendy place to head for coffee, what with their eleven Cafes like – The Burrows, Berry Sourdough or even The Emporium Food Co. but it seems there’s a change in the aroma in the air!

Nowra looks like a real challenger to the title of Cafe Capital of The Shoalhaven, the cool new coffee joints popping up everywhere all producing the goods in service AND coffee!



Here’s a few of the best!
The Hopper Society – Kinghorne Street Nowra. John is doing great things in Nowra, the lay out, the laid back funky decor and the staff are all great! But what about the all important coffee? Excellent. caters to mums n bubs too.
The Hopper!

Hit and Run – Junction Street Nowra. This awesome little place was originally set up almost like a pop-up cafe, but it’s grown into something bigger than that, the courtyard out the back is great and the selection of coffee is impressive too. This is a place for real coffee nuts.
Hit N Run

Hyper Hyper – North Street Nowra. If the lines are anything to go by, the coffee should be outstanding! I like what Pip’s created, a cool local hang out for peeps to chill and sit and enjoy their coffee, mind you, if you’re a coffee first timer – LOOK OUT! Pip makes his coffee on site and makes it for the coffee lover! It’ll slap you in the face if you’re not careful!
Hyper Hyper



Coffee’licious – Berry Street Nowra. A great social place to gather in the morning sun and sit back and enjoy your cup of joe! It’s a great place for foodies too! The coffee is good, staff are great and always full of business people, but the new burgers are taller than Andrew Bogut! The acoustic stuff they have on is cool and chilled out too.


Zest – Kinghorne Street Nowra. Seriously packed out cafe for breakfast AND lunch, the coffee is OK, but it’s a great coffee to hang out at and watch the world go by! The smoothies are great too, but a bit more catering to brekkie and lunch lovers.
Zest Cafe

Hunt and Gather – Berry Street Nowra. These guys can make a good coffee, again the real cafe crowd gets in their and they are a relaxed crew they greet you on arrival. Excellent menu and everything is made right there! It’s one of the new kids, but already is one of the grown ups!
Hunt and Gather

The Tea Club – Berry Street Nowra. Nowra’s original hipster joint before Hipsters were even a thing! The courtyard is simply the BEST place to chill and hang out with friends. the Tea Club is like the grand daddy of all Nowra Cafes and still plays host to some wonderful music. The coffee is just great!
The Tea Club




See what I mean, there are still soooooo many more to try. Seek out the new cafes and coffee shops in Nowra, like I said, the aroma is changing and Nowra has become a funky little coffee hot spot!
Sure, I’m probably wrong about some of these, but let me know your favourite and I’ll be sure to drop in there, that’s what I love about the ever changing Shoalhaven community, people are now more and more willing to try new things and new places.
So get out and enjoy a good coffee just down the road!

12 Jul, 16

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