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HG……you suck, the next chapter.

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If you’ve read HG….you suck Part II, you’re up to date. 

Life hasn’t changed much. 10 and a half weeks, whatever, the fuck that means? To me it’s just another 189 days of the following shit!! 

Sunday April 12 7:25

What a week, only a litre of spew everyday this week.
To be honest, I’m fucked! I’ve cleaned the shitter of spew, the shower, the kids rooms, our room, mowed the lawns, coordinating our builder for renos, oh and doing my celebrancy work as well. I’m not complaining about the work, but taking our rock out of action is insane, we’re a team, we do this together to hold our family tight.
HG you suck!
Tanya was explaining what HG feels like for her one day saying ‘it’s like having a lump of bread in ya throat, you can’t swallow it and ya can’t throw it up’! Now that sounds like for for 40 weeks! 
Then there’s the constant fatigue, from either the drugs to stop the vomiting or from the constant spewing! Either way she’s fucked! 
Or she’s said ‘it’s like someone churning butter in ya stomach’.
Have I mentioned when Tanya spews she pisses herself? Yeah it’s takes your dignity too! I don’t care if that happens, I can put everything in the washing machine, but it has a huge affect on Tanya! Nobody and I mean nobody just wants to piss themselves, I feel for her so much, where has my girl gone??
HG you suck!
Tanya’s gratitude for her mother is immense! It has broken Tanya’s heart not being well enough to just pop down the shop to buy her daughter winter clothes. If you knew Tanya, you’d know she LOVES shopping!
The kids have been amazing this week! They know mums sick, they know she’s not right, but they already have such love the our child she is growing, Finnegan asks everyday ‘can I kiss the baby’, then blows his lips on mummies tummy! Addison is Tanya all over, this kid will be a families rock, she’s a natural leader, helping her father daily and caring as a 4 year can for mum. I’m so proud of both these kids, they have their moments but understand that if we say ‘kids look out’! They know drop everything and get out of the way of the volcanic eruption about to come outta mum!
They miss her I can see it, but I’m so much closer to them both for it. 
HG give my kids their mother back!
As I’m writing this HG, just FUCK OFF! 
It’s just gone 8:00am, no Sunday sleep in, HG has just brought it all up! Yep another vomit!
But what was brought up? NOTHING but bile, she hasn’t had anything to eat while she’s sleeping, it’s just madness.
There’s supposed to be a light at the end of the tunnel, Tan says ‘what fucking light, what tunnel’.
Where’s the excitement of pregnancy, where’s the happiness of the experience, of watching your tummy grow. These are the feelings that all other mothers with a “nice” pregnancy get to have and feel. Instead my wife is stuck in a darkened room, alone, unable to be touched regularly as it makes her feel unwell.


We’ve got an ultrasound coming up and of course women must have a full bladder, two litres or so prior to the ultrasound, oh shit…..that means being able to hold the two litres DOWN!!
Yeah good luck with that darlin, I’ll let ya know how it goes……
Adam Straney is The Master of Ceremony, a civil celebrant on the NSW South Coast.
12 Apr, 15

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