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Shhhh Why can’t we talk about the S word!

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The S Word! The one we can’t talk about!

Not Salesman, not Sadness, not Sacrifice….the word it seems that we still can’t come to grips with talking about is Suicide! Why though?

I’m extremely proud of my very small involvement in SSPAN (Shoalhaven Suicide Prevention Awareness Network), it’s a very small involvement, I host a fundraising event for them each year, but I gotta tell ya, it wears thin when the hard working team at SSPAN provide me with details of suicide rates and I have to read that the rate of suicides in not only Australia but in the Shoalhaven is going up. It’s just so sad!

Surely, we can do better?

As a celebrant, I deal with suicide. I see the heartache it brings to parents, brothers and sisters, team mates, entire communities…and it never gets an easier!

Whether it’s a teenager not coping with school or getting into the workforce ‘as a child’, or the tradie who is struggling to pick up work to put food on the table for his family, the farmer struggling to come to grips with a devastating drought. What ever it is, we as a nation just can’t seem to get our heads around talking about it.

Often it stems from when the big Black Dog comes to strike and we just can’t get through it, others from lifestyle choices, but ‘bloody hell’, WE NEED to talk about it, or this rate of suicide will continue to rise, where men are three times more likely than women to die by suicide.

This from Fairfax Media.

I’m in and probably lots of my friends are in the second highest bracket to die by suicide, and I don’t want that, nobody wants this rate to continue to rise. So, if you know anyone who is doing it tough…and by this, it means YOU MUST talk to your friends, then bloody well do something about it. Don’t walk away from a conversation thinking ‘gee, he seems to be doing it tough’, follow up on the chat.

Again, I know we don’t want to talk about it or ask about whether they’ve thought about suicide, and to be honest, it’s a tough ask for ya mates to simply ask you, but it’s not offensive to ask and it starts a greater conversation and a deeper knowledge of your friends that just ‘what about the footy’ or ‘family seems to be going well, the kids are growing’.

You can stop a graph like this getting larger, again from Fairfax Media.

This is a scary sight!!!

You need to truly get to know your friends and what they are going through, this will eventually mean the subject will come back on you…that’s good right? You might be holding something back that you’ve wanted people to hear or learn about you for ages.

STOP BEING BUSY! STOP THINKING LIFE’S ABOUT ME, Life is about the people you love…before you lose them!

If you aren’t coping, then talk to someone, if you don’t want it to be mates from fear of judgment (and your friends won’t judge you) talk to one of these organisations, PLEASE!

But most of all, talk to people about….THE S WORD!

Having problems? Not feeling right? Contact SSPAN Contact them by clicking here!

Lifeline 13 11 14

beyondblue 1300 224 636

Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800

MensLine Australia 1300 789 978

21 Mar, 16

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