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Six of the most FILTHY things

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Let’s be honest, you’ve all seen something that annoys you and you think is just down right filthy. I was driving a bit during the fortnight to and from home to Sydney and gee wizz, ya see a bit on that trip!

So, I thought what are the MOST filthy things you can see in public and I wanted to run these little beauties past ya!

The Wizz in Public;
Yep! Welcome to bogan town…I wont say where it was, but thankfully it wasn’t in ‘my home town’ – which is actually a little surprising, just at a set of traffic lights and there’s a guy, just having a casual wee in public…not just off the road in the bushes (that’s a fair call sometimes on a long trip for both men and women) but IN PUBLIC, in front of people. Isn’t that an offence? FILTHY!

Picking the Nose
Look! let’s serious…flu season has finished, so, after all that blowing there can’t possibly be anything left up there! Time and time again at traffic lights, i turn either left or right and I see it…the guy – and it’s not restricted to guys just quietly ladies – the guy with half his hand up his nose desperately trying to get the last remaining morsel of his grey matter…ya pick any harder and there’ll be no brains left! FILTHY!

Scratch the buttocks
Now I get that from time to time, the region can become somewhat….itchy! However, I’ve seen way too many people over the last month just too happy to go to town on – the tow bar, the back end of town, the basket, the hind quarters, the caboose, the rump! Please people, there is a time and a place. The greatest prize though must go to the young chap at Menai who not only scratched….but sniffed! It’s smells the same inside ya body as it does OUTSIDE. FILTHY!

The Spit
To me, this is one of the ‘filthiest’ things I see in public and I’m not sure what’s wrong with people, they seem to be just oblivious to other people around them….some people will just spit right in front of you, or drop a huge “golly” at their feet for you to almost step in! It’s truly one of the most filthy habits I’ve seen to date!

Finally, and just quietly thank goodness…The blow of one nostril
O! M! G! What are people thinking? Get yourself a tissue, you filthy cretin! That’s why we have tissues or hankies, to blow both nostrils at once or at least into a tissues of some description. I like Sutherland, it’s a good spot, but I came across a fella who just trumpeted one out and went on his merry way.

Seriously, what has happened to us, when we couldn’t give two thoughts about other people around and just don’t think about being disgusting in public! I know I’ll cop it for sounding like a nana, but surely we can get rid of this stuff out of our lives?

08 Aug, 16

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  • ***Carol armstrong*** says: posted on 08 Aug, 2016

    All four you mentioned gross me out too.
    I have a few more one being men adjusting their privates. Another watching people coming from the toilets and walking out without washing their hands. Listening to people talking on their phone whilst on the loo. There are a lot of people out there who are walking germ carriers .

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