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The Easter Grind – Kids will be kids

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Kids will be kids they say…..but at 3am?

Finnegan, cmon little man! Cute as a button and a sharp wit with the cutest dimple. How could ya not be happy with this kid?


But seriously you little ratbag! 3AM, it’s early man! I get that you wee ya pants in bed, small mistake, kids will be kids, that’s cool I can handle that! 

But eating ya first Easter egg at 3am isn’t cool buddy!

My wife Tanya invites him to ‘lay with dad buddy’, mind you I’m in the delightful land of “zzzzzzzzz” and have no clue that he is now sleeping next to dad!

The day progresses as normal, Easter Egg Hunt, yahoo!!!! Eggs now found and placed neatly into two lots, one for his big sister Addison, the other for himself. In the fridge they go for a yet to be determined time for MORE EGGS! Cause Kids will be kids!

Dad cooks vegan pancakes every Sunday morning and Easter Sunday is no different, except Grandma and Grandad drop by with Auntie Jayne…..and MORE EGGS!

Breakfast done and dusted, so another egg.

Uncle Chris and Auntie Nikki drop by to take the kids for an Easter egg hunt on a 5 acre property. Cool, so now the kids will be pooped by the time they get home and they’ll get yet MORE EGGS!

Once Finnegan arrives home, all he can do is groan. This said groaning continues for a few minutes. When asked what’s wrong? His reply is simple. ‘Dad my guts’


Finnegan my friend, this is ‘The Sugar Coma’!

Happy Easter big guy!

06 Apr, 15

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