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Wedding Traffic

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It’s one of those funny things, a bride puts on her invitation…..’our wedding will start at 3pm’. These days people actually turn up right on 3! What’s with that people?

They’ve given you the honour of being at their wedding and you think it’s OK to stroll on in just as the brides about to walk down the aisle! Uncool man, uncool!!

If you are a guest please plan the trip that you are making to your friends wedding. A good rule of thumb is to get there just 15 minutes prior to the ceremony, it gives you a little time to say hi to the groom and mingle with the mutual friends that might be there.

So with that in mind, my mates at The South Coast Register have let me know about some roadworks that people should be aware of, particularly for mid week wedding from March 1st.

“MOSS Vale Road over Cambewarra  Mountain will be closed early next month for essential maintenance work. The NSW Government allocated $200,000 for work between Kangaroo Valley Road and Barfield Road to repair damage. Work will be carried out from Tuesday, March 1 to Thursday, March 3 between 9am and 3pm, weather permitting. Light vehicles will be detoured via Kangaroo Valley Road, adding about 15 minutes travel time, while heavy vehicles more than 7.5 metres long or 12 tonnes in weight will be detoured via the Illawarra and Princes highways, adding around 90 minutes to travel time. Traffic control will help guide motorists, while electronic message signs will advise of any changes to work dates and times. Every effort will be made to minimise noise associated with the work.”

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25 Feb, 16

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